Selling the dream



We are surrounded by a world of visual communication that tries to persuade us one way or another. Publicity confronts us in different ways, impacting or lives or not impacting them. they may be memorable and relevant of forgotten instantly depending on relevance. Presenting ideals and future aspirations of the masses translating that these products will help you achieve your dream and improve your quality of life.

The authority, social status, affluence and sexual appeal are all things that they appeal into suggesting that money and that their product will give you an edge in life and over your desired sex. They also present values at the time that people crave in order to fit in and feel accepted.  An example is the image above of  the nuclear family and the perfect after noon that relates back to the American dream as presented above.

Its important to understand how publicity draws you in to really understand if you need particular things in your life and how they will actually benefit you or if they will just be a disappointment. It also enables manipulation by designers to target markets with different angles to draw on different emotions and values to their own advantage.

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